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Monday, August 24, 2009

2nd time i post this dude in 1week..smh

Yo all honesty i bangs with homie..ben grinding for yrs..just signed to cashmoney..i have faith in his next album..picture being in the studio with drake..and wayne u have no choice but to come out with some decent shyt..oh to to all Worldstarhiphop commenters..give the dude a chance


Anonymous said...

This little nigga was molested and makes commercial bullshit. HOP OFF!

Anonymous said...

Man suck a dick u fucking hater

Killa Cam said...

yo this dude is garbage, ya'll promote lyricism and you got this non talent ass dude as the prospect of young money????smh ya'll are str8 posers.."LIL BOW WOW, YOU JUST DONT KNOW?????" and we have a rapper named Jae millz on the roster that would eat bow wow and drake. lol i rather listen to TYGA lmao. i agree with the 1st dude, leave Bow wow on the show from dateline, To Catch A Predator.

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