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Sunday, June 7, 2009

What ever happen to dope girl Groups???

Ight so I'm hm thinking..damn what ever happen to total..swv..escape the destiny child girl groups..???since then all we had was weak ass Danity Kane Puffy money sucking ass put together..smh..So I'm watching Mtv Jams(comcast flo)and see this female group titled..Eletric red..there hella sexy but cant sing a seriously,first off there 4girls and only one of them sing..and to make it worse shortie sounds just like come on heart broke when i sawthat they were signed to Def jam..Damn it really sucks that all record labels are doing is putting a couple cute faces together and think thats going to sale..WHAT EVER HAPPEN TO TALENT?..we need to get back to the basic
Out of all the new girlgroups im riding with these jawns
Rich Girls they got one of my fav producers backing them
up (Rich Harrison) so hopefully they'll be straight


Dex said...

great point.. for two seconds i thought that was OLD DC!!! damn.. (lead kinda looks like B) smh..

Charlysse said...

i gotta agree with u mo0..they definately do have a great sound! and i know that one girl group u were talking about signed by defjam..str8 TRASH

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