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Saturday, June 13, 2009

The streets are my Runway!!!!!

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OgM is like Streetwear Couture Cousins..Were fam so its only right this was posted..For those who arent familar with OGM(Origianl Gear Monster) consisting of Jean&Neh whose also 1/4 of swc..They will be hosting a fashion show on the 27th..yes the 27th which is one day before SWC cookout/open mic so the last week of June shall be awesome for us all...This fashion is real dope from what im seeing..whose ever seen Streetwear on the runway..??.not me..usually its a bunch of cloths that look horrible and you wouldnt really wear in real live,thats what i appreciate about a show like this something out of the box and from jean&neh style on a daily basis i know this will very intersting ..Streetwear couture fam will be in the building..I know i say that to alot of events and i never show up(srry i missed ur bday party tiff) but im serious with this..if i dont come jean will kill a nutshell this is an event u really wouldnt wana to miss so plz b there tickets on sale now so hit up numbers on the bottom of the flyer
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