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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The King of Pop... R.I.P.

WOW. My Entrance exam Essay was abou his Greatness. Michael had his fans reciting his music. From young and old, every ethnicity. His Performances. He always stole the show. From the "lean" to the "moonwalk", He was the epitome of DANCE. Artists like Usher & Chris Brown all followed in his footsteps; He was their idol. but now he's GONE @ the age of 50. and I still Don't wanna believe it..smh.. From his videos to his music. No one can match him. Damn, it even hurts to type it. Rest in Peace Mike.. *tear* there will be no other one like you.. Michael Jackson leaves us with a legacy of No. 1 hits, top awards and astounding dance moves. Let's remember the King of Pop.

Michael Joseph Jackson


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