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Thursday, June 4, 2009

LETs Go!!!!!

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"The mix masters at The Invisible DJ and the folks over at LnA have teamed up to create “The Music Tee,” a stylish and innovative way to bring music and fashion closer than ever.

We got some of the tees in the mail this morning, and this is what we know: They’re really soft, there’s a cool drawing of a feathered headdress on the front, and on the back, something we’ve only ever seen on our iPods: a playlist. The tracks center on a folk-rock-bluesy vibe – in other words, perfect music for summer.

But undoubtedly the best part is that each shirt, which retails for $60 on LnA’s website, has a tag with a unique code, which allows you to download all of the songs on the back, including Out of Place by Waz and Say Yes by Afternoon.

Or maybe the best part is that we’ve got 8 of the shirts in our office, and we’re giving them away"
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
My homegirl Taja(chick wit the curly in pic above) is in a tshirt contest by nylon...plzzz support her cuz more info hit up


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