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Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer,summer,summer time...

Wait..technically its still anywho

Over the weekend i hit up my homie Gary& my cuz Wale graduation cookout down in there just conversing two stepping enjoying themselves, cant complain at all..from the pic above,u should notice that the lq got he best of fact we was all riiight off that rum punch(silent killa)mos def will catch up to you..Sangria,shouts out for my brother Wellz..dude was went crazie when
the dj played(she gotta donk)
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shouts out to Arnold,James Carter,Midy,Chester,Lance who were also in the building


CnC said...

X-DDDamn, I guess you we're so far gone you couldnt remember the DJ's name LoLz

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