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Monday, June 15, 2009

U know My SteeZ!!!!

Finally got a female on you know my steez its been
a we got here style is real classy,fresh,
bold,vintage...i bangs with it..and she got the swagg to I wanted her to do this for some
time ,and once i got a hold of her i wasnt going stop
nagging until she gave looks netty..sooo on that
note without farther ado leme introduce ya to my homegurl

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Name: Annette "Tolu" Akibayo

Age: 22

Location: New Jersey

Occupation: Student

Fav Brands: Ralph Lauren, Betsey Johnson, Madewell, J Brand etc.

Fav Sites:,,,

Trends I Dislike: All of 'em!

Describe your style in one word: Priceless

Whats next for me: Graduate, "then get my masters, then my master's masters".. haha, then become my own boss!

One pair of sneakers I like: I don't wear sneakers but if I had ta chose, I'd pick some Nike Dunks...
(Flashback)we need more Saturdays
like these..Goodtimes,lol
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