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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Moment Of Clarity!!!!

"Can i vent out real quick"
date:may 5th, 2009
location:kean uni

Smh...School...Im so blessed and appreciative of the opportunity of being in college and meeting the wonderful people in which ive came to know but i seriously gotten to the point in which im tired of seriously..from typing long ass unnecessary papers,putting up with lame professor,and doing group project with individuals who arent dependable at all..idk is awesome , from the experiences, people you meet, that totally rocks, but on the academic side im tired and sometimes i sit in class and think to myself "is this the only road i can take to be successful" Like sometimes i think college is like a setup in go here for 4-5yrs..take out loans graduate n your backed up with money that you have to pay back left with sum bullshyt as job, and if you want a better job you have to pay more money to take more courses..lik wtf man..Some of you probably reading like Moo u wilding ,but hey this is how im feeling at the time i may look at this a hour from now and feel differently,I just wish i could find another way in being successful,weathty and happy in life..idk ..but i guess until then i shall be up @ Kean University finish typing my papers for communication&media theory in dougal lab..smh..

- mo0


Anonymous said...

tru shit. dont doubt yurself

CnC said...

I know exactly how you feel. I graduate and have been working a 9to5 for 2 years and have come to the realization that I will never be happy working any these student loans don't make things any better. That's why my mind is so set on getting paid to Travel the World to Play Music! You Gotta Dream Big!

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