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Monday, May 4, 2009

U kn0w mY SteeZ!!!!

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.NAME? Emmanuel Midy

.AGE? 22

.LOCATION? Port Au Prince, Haiti

.OCCUPATION? Full time student, but I have some entrepreneurial ventures on the side, namely and my newest project French Exit entertainment

.FAV BRANDS..? Ralph Lauren, Dior homme, Reiss, Commes Des Garcons

.FAV SITES..? ,,, swc no doubt.

.TRENDS U DISLIKE? ignorance. for example those who dont see outside the box that is catered to them..

.WHATS NEXT FOR YOU? Well definately the expansion of and some new clients for iwykmarketing. I'm really excited for French Exit and the new artist I recently signed..

ONE PAIR OF SNEAKERS R SHOES U ADORE(UR FAV)? I got these monogram boots that I wear everywhere lol

.WHAT INSPIRES YOU? ambition, possibility. "my money low, i gotta flip it, dominique dawes'n it"

mr.m0cool politicing wit the cudster himself


Anonymous said...

swag on good tip.

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