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Sunday, May 31, 2009

2dope Saturdays in a row..yay..i guess

So i meet up in the city up with yanny and her lil cuz...i had 8bucks and a camera on were jus cooling Washington park, they were having a lil free hugs was hilarious to me for the simple fact that right next to the Hug givers was sum weird guy preaching his heart out about swine flu which kinda gave me 2nd thoughts about receiving a free hug from an complete we cooled out hit the usual spots..supreme,transit,blades, and made our way back 2 14th grab a bite at sum pizza while I'm downing these lil $1 slices yanny spot theo london across the being who i am i straight up crosses the street&introduce myself lik"i hit u up on twitter" creeper could i sound ask for a pic(no groupie)prettyy cool dude...on top of that i got awesome footage of this guy sporting fake air yeezys..Im like could my day get any better...?? and yes it we decide to hit up 33rd and end up seeing obama..yes BARACK OBAMA..LOL...MY RANDOM I KNOW..TALK ABOUT SECURITY..DUDE HAD LIKE 15SWAT CARS/ day was completely awesome..and i came hm with about 2dollars in vid of Fake air Yeezys

mo0 x Theophilus London


The Fake Air


Rome said...

Those Kicks was Crazy Fake. Those colors Never came out. Fake sneakers hould be burned and abolished from society

Super Woman said...

theo, i would spill his secret but i wont do that

Anonymous said...

hmm looks loke u coped dose 4rm da back of da barber shop lol

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