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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nomore INC 4 Ashanti

As he embarks on a comeback campaign to reclaim the glory days of The Inc. (formerly Murder Inc.), Irv Gotti’s first order of business is to drop R&B songstress Ashanti. During an interview with MTV News (below), Gotti expressed concern with album sales from last year’s The Declaration and noted frustration with their inability to conceptualize as they have in the past...


M.v said...

To put it frankly...The Inc is not that Hot. Well not as it use to be. Irv thinks by dropping Ashanti that somehow that gonna push his Label to the top? Paleez.
If anything he actually needed her. She may not be selling all to much but look at who he has on the label(not including LLoyd cause im a fan) lol but something is better then nothing in this case.

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