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Saturday, May 23, 2009

He is so Jordan like????

...some people don't understand what Jordan had done for the lead of the NBA...He mADE HIMSELF A BRAND,KICKS CAME OUT B4 I WAS BORN AND I WALK AROUND THE STREETS WITH THME IN TODAYS DAY&AGE AND STILL GET HELLA LOOKS..THE MAN IS enough D*ck point is so many people are saying LEBORN JAMES IS BETTER THAN JORDAN OFF OF ONE BUZZER BEATER SHOT..VIEW VIDS AND SEE JORDANS TOP 10 BUZZER WINING BUCKETS..HE IS THE ORIGINATOR,HE IS prob od'ed alil with that but hey the moment was right y
Leborn buzzer winning shot against magic

Jordan top 10 buzzer winning shots(da originator)


Anonymous said... no doubt MJ is one of the greatest players to play the game but you have to actually think about and watch the skill LBJ has..he's like all the greats in one man..last nights buzzer winner was indeed one of the best i've seen because of the urgency of it..1 was crazy.and watching MJ's top ten..i did not see any of them that had as much urgency as the shot made by James lastnight.1 second man..1 second..

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