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Friday, May 22, 2009

Kanye West-Paranoid(official video)

i got the vid b4 bet or looks livesteez

(Well not official..but close off this is footage from Rihanna's def jam event earlier this week celebrating 12million records sold since on the they premiered kanyes video which was only right since she basically stared in it...smh..idk yo..all honesty I'm a lil upset from the vid.. i expected much more..being that this was one of my fav tracks from 808's i personally wanted the vid to b like come ooon man..when is it going to get im keeping it 100&thats how im feeling right about now,im guessing it may just have to grow on me,but if you think about it the song lyrics kinda go perfect with riri and her situation in which she went through this past yr with chris breezy&leak I'm guessing it cool..enjoy -mo0

(sidebar)shortie is bad it me are is she looking better after Breezy snuffed off..


Stingy Puss said...

Lol, she does look better after that.. dunno if she put extra effort just because or if that was just what she needed for the extra boost =)

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