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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Air Yeezys

This spring the Air Yeezys are set to release i already gave you the pricing which was set at $250 to $300. This is not offical at the moment but it breaks my heart to say it may be a GENERAL RELEASE which is a word i HATE. I have heard that it will be a quickstrike release but stores such as footlocker, footaction, champs, and so on will get them. Im going to be honest this almost made me not want to get them that and the fact they will be one of the most bootlegged sneakers ever they already started making fakes so if you seen someone with them and they arent apart of Kanye's crew they arent real. Remember Fat Joe's boy got caught out there with some fake red ones? Oh my falt back to the info ok so they will began releasing in April 2009 the first color is the Zen Grey/ Lt Charoal joints. In May they are releasing the Black/ Black joints I really want these personally, and last in June the Net/Net color way. I can already see its going to be a crazy summer in not in a good way OMG.



Dex said...

UH them NET/NET joints are some kinda wonderful..

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