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Friday, July 9, 2010

"U know my Steez"

This is more like a introduction, of a new member on the Swc Fam. Me & the felt like it was time for NEW LOOK & NEW DIRECTION. Basically What I did was sent out a massage email to ppl that I felt could make Swc better and bring a different feel to not only the website, but the company itself. So with out further a due, the SwC Fam welcomes this ambitious person:

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Name: Cassandra Pierre-Paul

Age: 18

Occupation: "Unemployed" Lol So I guess it’s my job to just be myself?!

Trends I Dislike: Anything matched up to the "T". People need to be less matchy more
clashy. But at the same time nothing too "loud" or clashy. We call
that "doing the most" Your style is like your craft. I think people
need to find that middle balance. That zen lol

Shoes I Regret Purchasing: The Bapes I use to wear back in Middle School. I use to think I was
this shit but now I look back like damn what I was thinking. Looked
like I had clown shoes on lol

What/Who inspires my style? Thrift Stores because it’s like a whole bunch of diff stuff rather than
regular stores that have duplicates of the same thing.
It helps me make
that unique statement. My brother also inspires my style;
simple, and a laid back kinda

Top 3 Brands:
Married to the mob
10 Deep

Favorite Sites: & facebook!

What’s next for me: The SWC movement and the fact that I am going to be apart of it excites me. I’m looking forward to bringing forth 4 of many other things: Energy, Effort, Dedication, and of course Honesty. Whatever Gods willing lol but school & taking the time out to
learn about different tools to help me become successful.

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- Sam


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