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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rip the Ruler x Jersey Klan take over Katra!!!

Here are a few pix from 6.29.10 @ Katra Night when Jersey Klan&Rip The Ruler Hosted the spot and also me performing.The night was love, really cant put into words how awesome it was. Homies from jersey came out showed love. Came out of there comfort zone..culture i really appreciate it. Katra def embraced the team.Performance was killa,no booing or tomatoes were just a bunch of head nodding and cheering on. All was well, be expecting us hosting the spot once more b4 the summer is out.That night will be legendary,so if you couldnt make it to this jam make sure your there for the next.Appreciations
Check the rest of the pics out at



Rosevelt Macintosh. said...

i like your blog alot , and the movement you have going on .. niceee ..

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