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Thursday, July 8, 2010

And LeBron James goes to...

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Now my heart was with the Knicks, but I knew Lebron was going to the Miami Heat. Now I know everyone is criticizing him for taking the easy way out. That he stab Cleveland in the back. That this prove Kobe Bryant is better than him. LISTEN, what the hell you want from him. Who wants to score 30 points every game and still lose. Lebron remade Cleveland. He gave it everything he had to the Cavs. Three straight times he came up short in the playoff, what more do u want from him. The dude just wants to win. Let him win. Kobe Bryant always had help, why can't LB get some. If KG, Ray Allen, & Pierce can be on the same team, let go of there ego an win a championship; then James, Wade, & Bosh can do the same.

NOW the Cleveland fans should be ashame for this

Lebron has done so much for the state and the community and for y'all to be so disrespectful, Cleveland got what they deserve!!!!

- Sam


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