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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Who is Lavish???

So i came across this guys music on myspace late 08' or early last yr..the tunes were pretty fresh but at the time thought nothing of it so i say a gd yr later i end up twitter from the last time i listened to his work dude grew musically, lyrically and if im not mistaking he's only head start fam..So i thought it would be cool for swc readers to get to know the young fellow..Time for a lil Q&A..chop chop
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.Name-LaVish @WhaddupLaVish (twitter)

.Age-I'm 16 years old, which is a suprise to a lot of people that hear my music

.Location-I'm from Los Angeles, California

Genre-I hate to put myself in one kind of category because I feel there's more genres I can tap in, but for now my lane is rap/hip hop music.

How long have u been rapping/writing for-I writing in the 5th grade, I was singing in the choir, then I started going through my dads old albums and kept listening to "Midnight Marauders" by A Tribe Called Quest and then I just started rapping, got big in 8th grade for rapping around school, 9th grade I started recording and it got me to where I am now

.Top artist doesnt have to be all rappers-Biggie, Erykah Badu, Jay-Z,

.How do u feel about the state of hiphop right now- I felt like hip hop was taking a turn for the worst awhile ago, but 2010 is gonna be a good one seeing how many good artists there are coming up and out. A lot are my peers but I still get inspired by them. People can't say "Hip Hop Is Dead" anymore, I never did feel that way, I think its going back to its going back to it roots and good music is making it way back.

.Inspiration-I'm inspired by life, everything I go through, things I see on the daily. Also my surroundings, from art to clothing to women, they all play an important role.

.Whats your take on the whole hipster rap movement
-The hipster trend is cool I guess, it's not me, so I wouldn't wanna be thrown in that category. To each is own, I really don't know how to define a hipster.

.Define your style-I would say cool, laid back, streetwear/designer stuff. I listen to all genres of music so I'm diverse. A lot of artists now just stick to one type of music, I can't box myself in one world. Different sounds are what help me create what I do.

.Any Up incoming projects we should be expecting
-"Hometown Hero" which is somewhat an album, all original music, looking to drop around Febuary/March, and then "Thanks, For Nothing".

Peep latest wrk from lavish of "hometown heros" project

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