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Thursday, January 21, 2010

U know my Steez!!!!

Havent did 1 of these in a while apology's just been pretty lazy with this whole blogging thing recently..oppzy. Anywho this week for U.k.m.s we got a homie of mine, met her around June of last yr at the SWC x Syndicated boutique mic session. Been pretty chill since.She says she tryna be the Oprah of hiphop. When i peeped her twit that i kinda laughed..but then after like 5mins i realized she wasnt the type of person she is i know she will make this happen by anymeans ..(no gassing) shortie def got alot coming up(sidebar)I know u reading u betta put in that lil hiphop play thingy as a extra or something b if not yea im pretty much out of wrds...enough talkin and allow me to introduce u to
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Name: Latasha A. a.k.a L.A No Hollywood

Age: Young 22

Location: Brooklyn, N.Y. ( college bubble: Wesleyan Univeristy, C.T)

Freelance Writer and Interviewer for MADONLY.COM & Spoken Word Artist (The Writers Block Collective NYC)/ Urban Outfitters ( when I'm back in Corporate America)

Trends You Dislike: Girls: I don't know I can make anything work, just stop wearing Uggz and New School Jordans Boys: Monclers ( liked it in 2008)

Outfits/Shoes you regret purchasing: $20 Dress from Necessary Clothing (I should have known better)/ Space Jams (sold them the first week)

What or Who Inspires your style:
My mom in the 80's, M.I.A, Kanye West and my heart

Fav Sites: Kanye's Blog ( Live and Love Kanye), (nodickriding), Miss Behave, WorldStarHipHop for ignorant laughs, vigilant citizen and for some real shit.

What Next For You: Besides the million in one other projects I am working on, My pride and joy is my current production called The Memoirs of Hip Hop which is a full spoken word, dance, music and everything in between play about the Life of Hip Hop. If you love Hip Hop and wanna here it's story you should look out for it this summer in NYC! I am also working out becoming Hip Hop's Oprah by 2011. And its happening. Watch out now. Follow my addicktion to life on and lets play follow @ FIND ME, I'm Famous.
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