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Saturday, January 2, 2010

"On To The Next One"

Ok Ok.. everyone has their opinion on this video. Saying Jay-Z's a devil worshiper, a mason (contradicting statement) and all types of other shit. Jay-Z's a smart man. To me this video is giving everyone what they have been asking for. CONTROVERSY! and you motherf******* are eating up *shrugs* nothing more about it. And how the chorus says something "like kill Jesus". First off the chorus is sampled from the song D.A.N.C.E by Justice and the person is saying "UN-DER THE SPOT"light and if you heard the song then it makes sense. Swiss just found a song that makes it sound like they are saying "ON TO THE NEXT" thats all. Ok, now to him being a MASON... it could be true. A little of what I know about Masonry, THEY DO NOT WORSHIP THE DEVIL. You can't become a Mason (you won't be accepted) if you don't have a faith in GOD. Also, ALL of the Presidents become Mason's before they enter office. OBAMA's a Mason. FOOD FOR THOUGHT!
Enjoy the Video!


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