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Friday, January 1, 2010


*Moo how ya doing*
Hmmm homie im so fine
In the crib cooling jus think bout 09'
Had my highest highs
Had my lowest lows
Had a couple gigs...did a couple shows
Met a couple jawns but turned into hoes
Learn that everything that shine son is really not Gold

I say everything that shine son is reall not GOLD
(clearing throat)

when ya was rocking ya new Gear
Poppin bottles for New Years
I was churching with the fam i let off a few Tears
Hit 1 o clock wished i was sippin a few beers
Ya all braggin on twitter homie like who cares
U slipp up now they yellin out Boooooooo
As soon as u shining they screaming out Mooooooooo
So now im on my feet lik homie wat it do
Keep a tight circle shouts out 2 my crew

.Streetwearcouture fam
.Syndicated fam
.French Exit fam
.Jersey Street Klan
.Aso Clothing fam
.Westalifestyle fam

.Flthy Politics fam
.B.e.s.t fam

.Gmf fam
.Heart Gallery fam
.FanBase fam
.Complex fam
.Happy Endings fam
.Ninja Sonik

.My Nyc amigos
.Marcus Troy
.Krillz Krack
.Daniel Jospeph

.Twitter amigos
.Weirdoz Ownli
.Random facebook pokers

.My Tmobile Sidekick for overcoming all the teasing u had me dwn(we dnt care wat ppl say)
.Professor Yedes
.J dilla
.Mf Doom
.Flying Lotus
.Little dragon
Any body turing ideas into Reality
*God thank you for blessing me i pray you continue in 2010*



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