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Thursday, January 14, 2010

When i first heard about this tragedy there were so many emotions that was running through my head..hurt..sadden and more...Just imagine if something of this nature were to occur here..what we we do..this could of happen any where..just be blessed and continue to keep the nation of Haiti in your prayers, and when you do get a chance check out the YELE site above gives you info on how you can help out by giiving donations and more.I recently read an article covering the Earthquake by my homie Johnathan Dixon. It really was enlighten and touched me read it below...check out more of his work at

"As I sit at my desk and browse through countless internet clips and news articles covering the horrific events currently taking place in Haiti, my mind is in limbo. I find it hard to concentrate on the repetitive mind numbing financial data analysis that is my job, without being overwhelmed by the rush of emotion I feel with each article. I came across a clip that showed a young woman trapped under a collapsed concrete building screaming in a deafening violent rage while being pulled at the neck by family members in an attempt to save her. Something about seeing human life so close to the brink of nothingness really struck a chord with me. As my eyes began to water I lifted them away from the screen and started to scan the rest of the office. The people in my immediate view path continued to work diligently on their spread sheets or presentations, completely mindless and un moved by the current events of emergency that were clogging the airwaves and televisions. And like anything else I do, I want to figure out why. How can we watch this footage and remain indifferent. Our enslavement to work, individuality, and materialism, leaves us unhealthily emotionally detached from anything that doesn't affect us directly. We need to understand that there is a oneness amongst all living humans that is vehemently ignored. Life is not a singular phenomenon. Life is a plural. Me, you, the thousands of people dying in Haiti all share, and are connected through life. We all inhale and exhale, worry, get excited, become sad, worry, cry, scream and so on. We share the "collective" human experience, so to go unmoved by this baffles me.

We saw the same behavior during hurricane Katrina spear headed by the lack of government action to extend help to those in suffering. When there is disaster that causes or adds a great deal to human death and suffering is cannot be ignored. Action has to be taken. I am not writing this to urge people to fly to Haiti and start scooping people out the gutter to safety because it isn't possible or realistic for a lot of us. I urge you to awaken and move toward a shift in consciousness. A lot of us uppity, spoiled, pretentious Americans have already written Haiti off in our minds as a suffering hell hole that they want no parts of. A place that breeds violence and evil. Sadly these "learned" emotions have been perpetuated through ignorance and fabrication igniting stereo-types and a morbid sense of indifference." The problem with stereo types is not that they are untrue, but they are incomplete." ©Anonymous. Learn your history. Haiti has a very rich history that the vast majority of us would never know about. The first step is getting informed and engendering your connectedness to the globe. I don't care how you feel about any group of people. To see human suffering for no reason" is beyond unsettling. Wyclef Jean a Haitian native has campaigned in America to raise awareness of political and social unrest that's plaguing the island. Imagine living in a place where the sun barely shines and the grass barely grows. Imagine waking up to a morbid cloud of hopelessness and complacency. Imagine this being your home. And imagine waking up one day, and it's being erased building by building, vibration by vibration, in front of your eyes like the shake of a 1980s etch-a- sketch.


Anonymous said...


"Imagine this being your home. And imagine waking up one day, and it's being erased building by building, vibration by vibration, in front of your eyes like the shake of a 1980s etch-a- sketch."

Very articulate and insightful...thanks to Mr. Dixon for the words of encouragement

ZPRM said...

Hopefully people continue to keep Haiti in their prayers, and also donate as much as they can! It's devastating to bear witness to what has occurred over there. When it first happened, I didn't know about it. I found out about it via Twitter. When I tuned into the news I was shocked, but I still didn't quite understand the magnitude to what they were facing. When the sun rose and pictures and footage were taken of Haiti the next day, I was not only shocked, but saddened to a point I haven't been before. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western world, and my heart has always been with them. The earthquake is devastating, BUT, I'm more angry about the state Haiti was/is in prior to and after the earthquake. When mother nature moves in her mysterious all-powerful ways, all we can do is pray that mass deaths don't occur. It could've happened ANYWHERE. I can't be upset that it happened to Haiti, but I can be upset with the aftermath of the situation. They aren't even in a position to receive help! Their government is no where to be found; there is no one in charge of how to handle the devastation! Their airport only has ONE AIR STRIP. They don't have the medical assistance that's needed. People are still buried under the rubble, begging for help. Lives are still being lost, which were described on CNN as "stupid deaths." The homes being destroyed is not the issue. A home can be rebuilt, but it cannot be rebuilt without a family to occupy it. People are being erased from the earth. The list goes on and on and on. I'm also upset that it had to come to all of this for people to stop and THINK about Haiti. God bless all of the people that died, and were affected by the earthquake one way or another. God be with Haiti.

- C/Z

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