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Monday, November 9, 2009

U know my SteeZ.....

(just dnt look @ the
Sooooo i recently asked 1 of my homies to do u kno my steez she said "moo im enough..i dress regular" let me make this clear ukms isn't here display whats cool or uncool. or you have to have all the lastest "dope" stuff on..its here to display YOUR style of dressing weather its casual.streetwear.preppy. punk..whatever.from no boundaries so plz dnt get it misconstrued.I really feel as though in most cases the way someone dress explains alot about their personality,lifestyle,and who they are as a being its some what expressing yourself without even saying a wrd....Thats how i look at u kno my steez..not as a fashion show are a manikin picture..So plz dnt be hesitate at all...Back to your regular scheduled program

This week of ukms we have a cyber homie of mine..i remember when i thought i was a myspace celeb06'-07' i use to peep how this she would have lik 90plus comments on her like damn she barely get on myspace nower days but recently i signed on and decided to hit her up to see if she would be intsteresed in doing this and sure enough she was..she emailed me the info and pics a min ago i just was being lazy( later is better than never..With out farther ado i introduce to you...

MaX Jones!
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Max Kameiko Jones



Harlem NY

Fashion Designer

Trends you dislike
The whole 80s trend , i think it sucks now ..

Outfit / shoes you regret buying & why ?
I regret buying any clothing from forever 21 because everyone wears it and i am an individual .

What or Who inspires your style ?
betsey johnson , 70's trends , andy warhol & the blues brothers

Fav sites , , and

Top 5 brands
supreme , betsey johnson , uni-qlo , kid robot , & urban outfitters

Whats next for you ?
become an intern for Betsey Johnson in December
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