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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thoughts @ the moment..venting

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(scattered random thoughts...)
So its about 3:20am on Sunday and im up..smh just pondering on this thing which we call Life.Through out this year i had my highest highs and lowest lows of my 21yrs on this earth.There were times in which i just felt like giving up on everything and there were those times in which i felt i was on top of the the world.I learned so much about myself and others. I learned that my passion for music has grown heavily not jus hiphop but music in general.. and ppl call me a rapper. I hate that term...idk y i just just moruf. Im learning that the people in which your surround yourself will rubb on you whether you notice it or not.I truly appreciate the individuals who push me to be great from family to friends to those who send me friend request but dnt say anything when they see me in cool)I was able to grow mentally, just expanding my mind..meeting new people grabbing knowledge for all sectors of life. I actually got the opportunity to experience things in which i thought i would never be able to. Sometimes i wake up smiling for no reason...just thankful for the things which God has blessed me with and what he has in store for me the days ahead. I learned not to second guess myself anymore.I use to be very hesitate to do or say certain things but at this point of my life i feel why should i..? I use to worry so much about what the next man would think..but I've learn to live for myself not for others.If you walk around with the I'm the sh*t attitude and carry yourself in that manner people will perceive to be that. The way you carry yourself represents who your are as a individual. Inspiration is the key of life. I learned at the end of the day you are your biggest enemy. Your the only person who's stopping yourself from achieving what it is in which you want to accomplish....umm yea that's all i really have to say just wanted to vent..or lets say express my thoughts

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