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Monday, November 2, 2009

Denim Shirt

Just saw this today and just the day b4 i was talkin to my pops about jeans and i was sayin i need to get some Wrangler jeans. Now i now alot of you cats can't get with that but yall said the same thing a few years ago when i decided only to wear Levi and these are the only jeans to touch my behind since 06. But i had a pair of wrangler jeans a couple yrs back and i really liked them i really like the W on the back pockets on an unwashed denim. But heres Beckham wearing the Wrangler Denim shirt its a clean classic look and he gives it somewhat of a bad boy image.

Sidebar just to start some Beef Vistoria and David in my personal opinion will ish on B and Jay any day clothing wise now i no this is going to start some Beef bring it on. Victoria's like the freakin Queen of Hermes and maybe Louboutin for that matter.


Anonymous said...

i agree and b stay off she only look ight if she goin in a talk show or some type of award show.

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