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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why is this show even on air???

Tiny&Toya Show..smh..idk man i saw one episode and was sadden at how BET would just give anyone a show..some parts seem so how in the hell do you script something thats suppose to be reality..can somebdy answer that for me..smh..well thats with Vh1 also Reality shows are taken over..Perfect example MTV..they dont even play music vids of the main reason i dont watch tv


sidanii said...

it really is say yo...I stopped watchin BET b/c of ish like this smh

Charlie C said...

smh i wouldn't give that show the time of day its just ghetto trash same as the rest of the new shows on there....mtv the same lol

Anonymous said...

Love this post

ZPRM said...

BET should be ashamed. It's like all they're good for is making black people look bad. Out of ALL the stuff happening in the world, they had to scraped the bottom of the sewer, and pull this bullshit out, then make a show out of it.

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