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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

U know my SteeZ!!!!

Person we got up this week for a pretty cool cat..always heard of dude but never actually met him until i performed at his school for a open mic he was hosting..after i met him i kinda found out we had some things in has definitely got a master on the look out on his Herds of the Fathers brand this fall/winter catering to males accessories such as leather bookbags..mocassins..scarfs and much more..enough with the mini bio and allow me to introduce u to my homie
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Name:Jason Akoi

Location: Newark,NJ/Rutgers University(New Brunswick)

Age: 21

Occupation:full time student/entrepreneur

Fav Brand: NIKE!!! I cant live without nike products. I feel like out of all the sneaker franchises, nike will always have longevity. Other than that I love buying sports apparel, doesnt matter where it comes from...Sports will always be "cool".

Fav sites:HERDSOFTHEFATHERS.COM(shameless plug lol),,,,

Trends i dislike: them damn taliban scarves...enough already!!!

Define style:style is being able to take risks while still staying in your lane

Fav kicks: i can not live without the 2004 olympic gold dunks...them joints make every outfit look dumb stupid crazy.....them air yeezys come in a close second place lol

Whats next for you: launching Herds of the Fathers, this all male accessory line....premium leather bookbags,leather duffel bags, scarves, hats, wallets, and other crazy items...fall 2009

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