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Monday, July 27, 2009

U know my SteeZ!!!

Fam edition..
This week of UKMS i decided to switch it up a lil first person under the age of lil cuzin crazie i remember when she was all young stepping in the streets(shawalla woop woop) she all grown up..high schooling running Union high..swagg on deck..trackstar..volly balling it up(tear)..keep it up son son...steez on point she be putting me up on stuff realtalk..soo without further ado allow me to introduce you to..

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Name:Bisola "Bebe" Arowolo

Location: Union, NJ [Hometown:Irvington]

Age: 15---lol

Occupation:full time student/trigonometry tutor/dancer/guitarist/volleyball player/ track

Fav Brand: I would have to say Cheap Monday preferably they're jeans but Divided by H&M kicks it really close.

Fav sites:[lol],,,,,,, Theybf.comTrends

i dislike: The whole teenage caliboy colorful look really throws me off I feel like its too much going on I'm sort of plain Jane.

Define style:style is YOU;; what you wear reflects who you are.

Fav kicks: hmmm myfavorite kicks that I've ever owned would have to be my red and black Jordan 16's from 06' throwback lol def a classic. But i want the new vans x supreme callabo shoe i absolutely adore them.

Whats next for you: lol...finishing high school; HAVING FUN.. uhm i wanna have at least 7 newspaper articles out about my track skills before I graduate. I plan on being the most fashionable physical therapist by the age of 30. lol Syracuse/Julliard I will attend both N IT WILL HAPPEN...p.s. shoutout to LaPenderie clothing store.
Dressy flo..
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Laxing flo..
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preme on deck nex to the lil teddybears


BO$$ LADY_SAMMY said...

hahaaa; lovee it !! star in the makingg. <3

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