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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Question: Is Drake Overrated???

I hear this question everywhere from radio to just having a casual convo with my peers...and my response to this is simply NO..and im sticking with is clearly talented. The only reason i feel people are questioning his ability is simply the amount of exposure he's receiving which is obviously alot unless you've been under a rock for the past couple months..I was a drake fan for a min but after the classic So far Gone mixtape i was being a writer myself i have to give him the praise in which he deserves..without being on the cover of the XXl cover dude is surpassing the potential artist we thought would blow crazie(pause) Moruf Moo Adewunmi says Drake is not may think diff hey your free to your own thing i think he does need to wrk on is his video swag..that Best i ever had vid was plain Traaash..thax to kanye aka director of the video..smh..even though u look up to the dude drake dnt let him ruin your career with horrible video jus had to let that out(sidebar)new drake track on pg
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verseuno said...

I respect your opinion Moo..but I have to disagree. Not just trying to be devil's advocate but dude should ghostwrite for R&B artists. No disrespect the 25 and younger generation but unless you grew up in the late 80's and early 90' will not understand how wack this kid is in the perspective of my Hip Hop generation. It seems it has gotten a lot easier for people to shine simply becasue everything and everyone is even more trash. In my era you had to compete for a little shine with the likes of Nas, OC, JEru, Souls, EPMD, Smiff N Wessun, Black Moon, Big L, Jay, Big, De on and so you had to come correct or else you had to look for another vocation. Who is Drake's biggest verbal threat in the mainstream...? Wayne or Young Jeezy?...I won't have them pull the wool over my from that...home evferything is blessed with you. One!

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