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Monday, December 15, 2008

No Hom0 of the dAy!!!!!

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this is a Kean university "pause"
shout out to all my keanheads that read the blog
it lasted for only 10secs but the quickest
pauses be the
so this how it went down im tired
ashell on my way to my 5 o'clock
communication class

Rand0m dude passing out newspapers: "hey sir would u like the steaming pipe"

Mo0: "ayo0o0o0o...PAUSE"

Rand0m dude passing out newspapers: "u should take one its pretty gd..."

saw how qucik that was..smh..
lmaoo,damn that has to be the
biggest pause this year,by far.
Like seriously how did they
come up with this name..out
of all the choices in the world
they came up with


original_fake. RockyP said...

hellll yea

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