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Sunday, December 28, 2008

90's Sitcoms!!!!

i soooo miss shows from the 90's
living single
hanging with Mr.copper
Wayne's brothers
sister sister
Jamie foxx
fresh prince
family matters
boys meet world
smart guy
Ny undercover

Like what stuck out to me most were there theme of any i would say Living singles went the hardest.I know everybody would probably say fresh prince but i its my opinion... queen was a beast..spit a meaan 16bar..then started harmonizing plus that saxophone went dumb hard at the

I was at work and me and my boss talking about just breaking up with our ex shorties, so out of know where he started singing the theme song"and were liviiing..siingle" stuck in my head as i was driving I'm like i gotta blog not..following living single would prob be moesha joint and last uh be family matters. I always thought it sounded like dude was sneezing for the first 2 secs b4 the piano came ima loser for posting this who cares

my t0p3 theme songs
living single joint..classic i
need dis on

m0esha joint

fam matters joint..


Jervis said...

u crazy for this one, hilarious

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