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Monday, December 6, 2010

Back by popular demand..Im def gassing

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I seriously forgot all about this pin and how amped we were when we got them done. YES this lil old pin was an accomplishment to us I use to be hella souped when i use to go out and see people on the train/walking i never met a day in my life with them own, pondering to myself how did they get a hold of it. Idk... i like that type of stuff. Every whereI go i hear "Yo00000 Moo where my Bong Pin...where my SWC pin" How about you shutup and There coming 8). Before XMas hopefully ill have a bunch iiight!!!

oh by the way the cool girl with
half a face in the pic above is the
homie Nena (@MssBenz) sprting
that vintage blanco swc pin! I remember
giving it her at some kean event a
minute ago. Happy to see it isnt under
her bed collecting dust like some people
do them..I shall say no


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