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Monday, December 6, 2010

Am i wrong......

It all started off with this tweet

"O boy.....another female that think shes a Fashionista and loves Kelis&Rihanna #SMH"

Then i just felt the need to continue.idk
why.something took over me. Why am
i even thinking about her???

"So she had the short cut...ya run and got it...she got the red ronald McDonald now ya messing with it...#SMH"

"i bet if #RiHanna slapped sh*t on her face in her next vid itll be one shorty walking around with the doodoo face...Zammmn NOW THATS POWER "

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jasmine ܤ samoné said...

LMAO! I honestly think that Rihanna's stylist studies how people on the street are dressed or has been checking out the people on to dress her because her style has completely changed.

Aso Clothing said...

She look like Blanka

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