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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SwC Album Review!!!

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So the top album of course was Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Music was classic, definitely dope, and it somewhat sounds like old Ye. Even though the album cover was a little suspect… and thank god this guy stop the sing. Just chill with the singing Ye an you’ll be good.

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Is it me or did Nicki Minaj do the same thing with her album that Drake did with his. Way to much SING on Pink Friday. I don’t understand how you go in on mixtapes and features, but Bs your own album. I expected better from her as a rapper. She’s definitely good to look at, and kills features, but ill pass on her album if all she wants to do is just sing!!!!

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I actually like Loud. Rihanna is always a pleasure to look at. But I appreciate her music on a pop level. Her album is a mixture of pop, r&b, and reggae, totally a plus, so… I would cop!!!


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