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Monday, August 16, 2010

" U know My SteeZ"

I remember back in 06' when i thought i was a retro kid i use to see this guy 2stepping at every robert treat dj wallah party with a flattop getting maaaaad love. Years back after finding we end up linking up. Cool guy def has alot of things in the wrks for the people 1 out of the many would be his website HERE and also his online store in which him and his partner eric create dope medallion pieces. Check it out when you get a chance. Allow me to introduce you to the homie himself
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1.Name.....Obviously Avi

2.Age.......... 25

3.Location..... Jersey City via Brooklyn (BED STUY)

4.Occupation....... Retail Slave, Graphic Designer, and Awareness Spreader

5.Trends u dislike....The use of the word "Swag" as referring to only clothing alone, People who say they sneaker heads cause they have a shirt on referencing sneakers and they have the latest Nike COMMON release on...smh....AND HIGHEST OF ALL!!! PEOPLE ROCKING GUCCI, LUIS VUITTON, AND ALL OTHER KINDS OF LUXURY BRANDS BUT THEY STILL LIVE AT HOME...OR...THEY TAKE THE BUS...SO INSTEAD OF INVESTING THAT 1,000-3000+ DOLLARS INTO SOMETHING USEFUL LIKE A CAR...OR SAVING IT TOWARDS LAND/PROPERTY. YOU RATHER BLOW IT ON A STUPID BAG TO TRY AND KEEP UP WITH "PEOPLE" WHO YOU WILL NEVER CATCH AS LONG AS YOU KEEP THROWING YOUR MONEY AWAY...Whew!!! Sorry...I felt something there.

6.Outfit/shoes u regret purchasing...........Some Nike Tennis

7. What or who inspires your style....I'm basic traditional style with contemporary twists

8. Top 3 brands...Nike, Polo, Vans

9.Fav, Ebay,

10.Ross or Jeezy...Imma have to say Ross

11.Top artist we can find on your ipod

12.Whats next for you
.....SPREADING THE LOVE OF MY ROOTS TO THE WORD!!! Repping where we came from is lost these days so I want to help bring it back.

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