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Friday, August 20, 2010


Great song...i may be gassing it for the simple fact im hella hyped and just took the headphones off after listening to the song about twice.

Hov:Delivered as always..sets the tone

Kanye:Goes off excluding that "Fresh from the club i just took a half an hour nap" line around 1:43 mark..idk lol i just find that particular line to be randomly funny and so not rappers take naps?lol sikenah but the last 60secs is my personal fav part as ye just continues to deliver lyrically.Something that i haven't heard from him in a while

Swizz: Really Spiced the song up...Mos def icing on the cake. That switch up was very fresh and unexpected. In a nutshell song is DOPE, opinions may change in the morning but till that I'm sticking with it

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