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Friday, May 28, 2010

Tunes For Though!

This Tunes for Thought comes from Kanye West's new track "Power" featuring Dwele. Ye went back to his roots with this track, using wide range of samples, reaching every genre of music, and using militaristic beats which set his carer of producing off. This one is no different. The sample was taken from King Crimson's song "21 Century Schizoid Man".

The song's (Power) has a strange ending, which features Dwele's dulcet tones singing about how lovely it would be to jump out of a window. One commenter on Miss Info's blog, which has the song, drew a comparison to the suicide of Donny Hathaway, the soul genius whose paranoid fantasies helped lead him, in 1979, to do exactly what West and Dwele describe in "Power." Can't wait to see when his 4th Good Ass Job drops so he can tell u whats been on his mind. "Still the niqqa that you love to hate, but can't cuz u love what I make" - Kanye West!


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