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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Appreciations..special dedication

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Where do i start....a month back my homie Jean hit me up saying we got Theophilus London to perform at a Jersey klan event(TheQooL). I was highly excited when he told me the news, but when he said im opening up for him, i was in shock,lol. Like silly ol me...moruf..OK. hahaha. I learned that in life there somethings you shouldnt question, just be blessed and go with it, and thats exactly what i did. The event was an SUCCESS, i was sweating like a dog performing, but whats theo killt it, A.L.I.E.N, Wordspit came out and showed love, it was an amazing nite. Just wana say thank you to everyone who made this possible, i would start shouting out ppl, but most likely i will forget names and we dont want that to happen,lol. Videos from event shall be hitting the net this week, footage from the fam B.L.V.D, as well as my Homie Kris, who help direct Crooklyn vid.So stay tuned ppl


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