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Monday, February 22, 2010

U know my Steez!!!!

NOW!!!! i normal don't deal this portion of the blog but ill which it up somewhat. i met this young female through And after hitting her up on FB, seems like she is a dope person,she has her pro-nail swag on, and definitely someone SwC would like to work with in the near furture. so enough talkin and allow me to introduce u to Elaishun M.
Name: Elaishun (Best Known As LaiParis)

Age: Just turned 23 :)

Location: Upper West Side, NY

Student (las
t semester; yahh). Blogger (

Trends You Dislike: Girls: i'm not big on the ugg boots that all these females are wearing with the bubble vests.
It's like a uniform in Harlem.

Outfits/Shoes you regre
t purchasing: one time I brought these pair of Supra Sneaker for $200. However, I only wore them once. It's the same same for a pair of $170 DC sneaks I got, they were lime green. At first I loved them, but after wearing them twice, I was like "why the heck did I buy these?"

What or Who Inspires your style: My style isn't
really crazy, I love anything vintage. I love looking for style inspiration from Rihanna, 80s rock bands, nature (I'm big on earthy colors or the Afrocentric/hippie era).

Fav Sites: Everyday, I have to go on my gossip sites such as I also lov
e to read other fellow bloggers like myself who have great blogs such as,,, of course streetwearcouture :)... And many many more

What Next For You:
First and foremost, my education. I'm about to finish college and then I'll continue by getting my masters as well as my PHD. hopefully, ill become a great psychologist:). I also plan on branching out more in this crazy world of fashion with hopefully finally coming out with maybe a shirt line with the help from my babies from FANBASE. also getting my blog more out there. I don't know whatever god has planned for me:) Site:
Twitter: @laiparisAnd The SwC family would like 2 say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!


Supastarrr said...

I love Lai! Great post.

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