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Monday, February 15, 2010

IM BACK!!!!!!!!!

I would like to apologize to everyone included the swc team for not posting 4 a long ass time. By knows mean, I wasnt giving up on the blog. I just had to take a good look at my life and understood that swc is going to be important to my live. My goals for this year is to set swc apart from so many of websites. Events, accessories, photography, swc magazine, and clothing line (men-women). We will be changing the the blogspot to wordpress, and the name of the website will be called Its a much more shorter name. My main focus is to reach that entrepreneur level that all of us can achieve. Its not hard, just have to keep the same attitude and keep turming ideas to reality!!!!!! So I'm going to get back to posting, I know y'all are gettin tired of seeing pics of moo all the time LOL, so enjoy the rest of your day.


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