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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


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So...after doing the prelude i was hella excited gassed dat ppl even enjoyed listening to raps i came up with..i truly appreciate that so when it came to me working on the next project i really wanted to out do myself, so majority of the beats will be original songs, shall be longer than 1:30 lol...this is something i really want ppl to be honest im so past jus rapping for a punchline or a hot metaphor ,dont get me wrong naturally those are things that pop up in my head but im never thirsty for it like "damn i need 5 punchlines" i wana have rhymes that impact ppl..have them like damn "i wana get up and do something" i feel as though words hold impact on people and thats my at a point in which ima make what i wana make create what i want to. it sucks that nower days artist see whats poppin out there and basically duplicate that exact same thing rather than just being yourself and that's why many don't last that long, idk..another thing i am not a rapper i am Moruf...i just so happen to realtalk i hate when ppl put label on others as if they should be limited to just that i said it in 1 of my bars "Rapping just an aspect /i see ppl diggin it i use it as an asset" but anyways I'm probably boring you guys with my theory's and antics so ill just stop notifying the ppl that if you enjoy the prelude more music shall be coming soon mos def first quarter of this yr. if not just know when it drops you shall appreciate it....ay ay

"Turn ideas to reality..grow up in the slums but your mind can be a palacy"



Aso said...

Very nice pic, the words I read here show me you are on a good path. Keep it up

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