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Thursday, April 2, 2009

U know my SteeZ!!!!!!

U know my Steez back forthe First in the month of April, and to start it off we got a cool homie of mine, met through mutual friends some time ago. Knew dude steez was out of the norm when i peep his facebook and that he dedicated a photo album just for his im talkin about official kicks..from retro jays,to air max,sb's.. , vintage nikes..feet game is definetly up to par i must say
enough talking leme introduce ya to my homie

(sidebar) 2 bodies..still the same person homie just got creative with it..photoshop game on point
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Name- Warlito' =)

Location- East NEw York -Brooklyn

Age- 23 years since beamed down

Occupation- currently a rehab counselor at a disabled residence/ part time visionary/ upcoming leader of the new free world!

Fav brands- artificial thought,Y-3,gap,RL
....artful dodger,team AM FAM tees,hanes (lol im a real simple dude and a stronger believer in plain fitted tees),commes des garcons on the dress up tip...and others that i cant recall at the moment

Fave sites- swc!(plug plug haha) i peruse drizzy and ye's blog sites periodically. and the usual suspects (mc and fb) as well

Trends u dislike- i actually have no problems wit any trend. We have all...AND I MEAN ALL...fallen victim to one trend or another at some point in our fashion lifespan so theres no point in putting down any certain matter how dumb or unappealin' they look. plus....wit out can you stand out? While everybodys hoppin on trend should already be settin Trend B and c

Style in one sentence-My style is simple, comfortable, and eye candy to the public.

Wats next-man to be honest Im tryin to express creativity through as many outlets as video director.....conceptual designing for a clothin line...anything that requires creativity and imagination!!!! im a jack of all trades!!!!

Fav pair-my favorite pair changes with the direction of the wind man but right now i gotta mean crush on the terra minots featured in the pic. very simple and hardly the goretex is a good look. all terrain flow haha


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