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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Team USA Controversy

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NIKE just released photos of the US Olympic Basketball team, but there has been a little bit of controversy spreading online about the placement of Dwight Howard’s hand and Coach K’s foot. Dwight Howard is the only USA Team member who is signed with a non-Nike affiliated brand.

Those are the facts, but with any controversy all that matters are opinions. Do you think that Nike, being the official sponsor of the USA Olympic Team and host of this photo shoot, intentionally placed Dwight Howard where he is with Coach K’s foot obstructing his foot to block the Adidas logos? You make the call after the jump.


Airon said...

naw because d-wade got his converse d-wade's on so i just think it just happen like that

co0l guy#1 said...

naah son conversed is owned by idk

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