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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just thinking

How's it going Lads and Gents. Just want to talk about a few things on the brain if you read somethin that interest you do read on. First off I'd really like to thank you and everyone that reads this blog we really do hope that it is informative to you all. We hope that we can bring u something that a lot of other blogs don't. We try to keep u updated on the latest on fashion, streetwear, shoes, and sneakers. Lately a lot of streetwear brands haven't been release to much with the Magic show 3 weeks away but once magic is over you'll be seeing a lot more streetwear. Sept should bring a lot of new release from your favorite brands. The summer is pretty much up sorry to break the news on you. So we want to focus on the new trends for the fall and Winter. For those who aren't up on Montcler. It was prolly the hottest winter jackets last year so this year should be even more crazy for the Montcler company. Ill show you guys a couple of there jackets real soon. Also if you Lads and Gent invest in a varcity style jacket for the fall they were very popular last year just about every brands done 1. Also I been meaning to post it lately but a lot of times I forget to post more trends as appose to what's actually out, but please invest in a pair of nice fitting khaki's for the fall. I think you will began to start seeing a lot of people wearing them with kicks. It gives off a ill look especially wit some Vintage Jordans the Khaki's will give the J's a new look. Lets stay away from the matching head to toe and throw a splash of mixing and matching ill post some examples of this also. But we are in the year of 08 we really have to start thinking classy with a splash of spice. Creativity is vital to being different this season. You can't just have 1 style anymore you have to be able to switch it out a couple times and in switching it up you'll learn to dress it up and to dress it down and mix and match. The trick to having a quality closet is to put quality brands and clothing in your closet and to shop a certain way. Here is that way when u go shopping don't shop for an outfit shop for things u like don't match things up at the store just buy things. When u get home mix it into what u already have. This way ur mixing the new wit old and giving the old things a new taste. This will keep ur closet visital. Another major point it to own a lot of accessories. This will add a lot to an outfit. Accessories can turn a plain outfit into a work of art. This is what we call splash. But don't over accessorise. This will make you look like you tried way to hard and everyone will than know you sat in the house for an hour b4 comming out with that wack outfit that you came out with. Less is now more. If you look at the trend setters in the industry they have all been toning everything down. I call it the lite game. Once you master this u can kill the game. The lite game is the hardest to master when u make something simple look so easy and effortless you can really mess up a persons head. If you look at recent pictures of P and Kanye they been goin real lite the last 3 months less is offically more. P just throws on skinny bbc jean Van and a t shirt wit ray bans. Kanye has been a lot of different things on but keeping it simple. These are just some thoughts from my mind. You can take it or leave it. Ill be back 2morrow wit up dates and pictures. Be Blessed



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