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Monday, July 28, 2008

STUSSY in Washingt0n,DC= d0peness

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STUSSY IN DC IS HELLA CHIIIILL. THE SETUP IS PRETTY MUCH THE SAME AS the stussy in s0ho only differnece would probably be dc really doesnt cary any type of footwear which is understandable for the simple fact they just opened up around late feb early march. I actually got the chance to speak to the owners of the spot and GAVE ME A INSIDE SCOOP ON DA STUSSYxCOMMONWEALTH COLLAB COMING REAL SOON SO BE ON THE LOOKOUT.
(SIDEBAR)COMMONWEALTH RITE NEXt door...siick..i wish i could of sco0p up a icecream fitted only if i had 80 dollars to



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