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Monday, November 15, 2010


So the past couple months been pretty hectic but a blessing as well from work,school, to putting Garden State of Mind:Ready to Live together has been keeping my hands fuuuull. I'm beyond excited to present this to the people from facebk homies,people i dont know at all, to family in London who have been patiently waiting since prelude which release oct of 09'. I put so much work into this project. Know that it isnt an easy process at all especially if you really care about your craft. I take pride in every So i wana make sure everything is on point to the T. All honesty i don't even see it as a quote on quote MIXTAPE! It feels like an Album. From the format, production sound and just the overall vibe.To me this as a Big Science Project that ive been working on deli gently and getting ready to present to I know the analogy is pretty weak but thats how i truly look at it. Within the next few weeks i shall be releasing some gems for the masses prior to release of tape that i know you shall enjoy..So keep your eyes open for that&and know READY TO LIVE is complete and mixed,so on that note just sit tight its coming........

Umm oh yea i almost forget.. BONG!

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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