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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cheap Music

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It sucks how raps become so dumb down..just a 808, a hit-hat and 3:00 of saying absolutly nothing can make you a millionaire and get your songs played on the radio.Its a business, instead of making gd music they tryna make a good dollar. Hey to each its own.They play it on the radio every 15mins...same songs,like damn..Dont get trapped in that wave..plz..I call this LOW IQ MUSIC--->
lol bsn in the stu with adam, n sean after session was done..discussion our viewpoints on music to date..


Dee O. said...

This is absolutely amazing and I agree 100%...the radio is full of ignorant ish. I like how you called it low IQ music because that is exactly what it is so easy for people to put words that rhyme together and put it to a beat and play it on the radio ever 2 seconds and call it music...but for someone to actually put thought into their music and to rap about relevant topics instead of a whole bunch of nothing, that takes actual talent. Real hip hop is poetry with a beat. If you took anything from nicki minaj, lil' wayne, drake, gucci man, wacka flocka, roscoe dash, etc. and stripped away the beat, what would you have left? Low IQ shit. But it you took Common, ATCQ, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, K-Os, etc. and stripped away their beat, you would have pure poetry. That's real hip hop, and you do it well Moruf, I really respect your talent. You make great music.


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