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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Bornday Dex.......Bong! 22

Happy Bornday to the homie Dexter 1/3 of the Streetwear Couture family...22yrs of age..0oow been legal to drink for a year,365 even though you've been a mean sipper for the past Happy to say your part of the swc fam as well as a gd friend, appreciations brohammy. Follow your dreams.wish you nothing but the best and get groovy SIDEBAR:( thats dex withthe white&blue shirt gettin his neck held by some dude lol sikenah haha..retro Follow the kid on Twitter HERE
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Jade "Purple" Brown said...

thanks for visiting my blog! ur blog is hype plus ur playin the cool kids so you get extra points!

your newest follower,

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