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Friday, December 11, 2009

Supreme x Diddy= SMH

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So Supreme decides to collab with diddy for a interview..smh,IDK...just not feeling it b..a little upset about it..i really cant put my finger on why i am but i just am..the interview was probably great being a person of puffys statues i know he made some awesome points..its like oil and water bad mix..but at the same time that's what supreme does kinda go left when others go right, while other streetwear brands releases hats&tee shirts supreme drops pocket knifes,door mats and other random stuff so i guess this about of there randomness and they could careless if u dig or not which is of of the reason why i dig the confusing myself the more i this is my opinion it may change in the next hour or week just wanted to express how i felt at this point of time.. .
(sidebar)just wana make it clear i respect preme&diddy heavily,dnt come at me crazie for my

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