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Monday, December 7, 2009

Sooo(clearing throat before speaking)

Yes i must admit...Ive been slacking with posting., i rather admit it than act as if this is regular.Because i remeber when we first started this blogg i would atleast have about 3-5post a day, ill be lucky to do that in a week nower Idk recently within the past couple months Ive been so busy with life itself that bloggin has become secondary. From school work trying to get my gpa up 2 at events and just working on future projects(swc&others) i&the team have coming up..i just fell back..(sidebar)through out the time since i started bloggin i really evolved and just grew on a mental aspect..kinda got tired of just coping pasting stuff from hypebeast lol and just posting. Nower days if i do post it shall be something with substance(in which u can gain from) or the occasionally random dope things i see to be interesting..since the first post in 08' i matured heavily realizing that its not the quantity its the quality.Once again i apologize to u plz....just know that the hiatus/lack of shall be all worth it u will soon notice
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Supastarrr said...

hope to hear from you soon

shakari x Trak Girl said...

Love the blog ! & Where can I get a pin ? & inquire to interview you guys for my "visionary men" section ?


MalibuMara said...

thats cool school and life does make it hard
and my pins havent come :/
im sad i want them sooon!

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